Singapore and hong kong rivalry

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‘Hong Kong, Singapore rivalry hobbling Asia’ in US$100 billion fintech race

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Hong Kong vs. Singapore: Who Leads?

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Hong Kong–Singapore relations

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Hong Kong-Singapore rivalry hurting Asia’s fintech competitiveness

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Source: Bloomberg 16 March For decades, Hong Kong and Singapore have engaged in a more or less friendly competition for financial supremacy in Asia. The relationship between Singapore and Hong Kong is one of rivalry.

In the economic sense, I mean. We vie to be Asia’s financial hub, compete to be a haven for investors and rich migrants among others. For over half a century the rivalry between Hong Kong and Singapore has surged on. Both are former British colonies, in addition to being two of the world’s busiest port cities and top financial centres.

Hong Kong is often believed to be more lively and dynamic, but less friendly and a bit more. SINGAPORE/HONG KONG (Bloomberg) - Tax benefits, government help and easy access to regional markets led Joe Seunghyun Cho to choose Singapore as the headquarters for his six financial technology.

History. Singapore and Hong Kong started trading in the 19th century. According to newspapers in Hong Kong, the idea of a rivalry between Hong Kong and Singapore had been around since the s. Many fintech companies are making similar choices, adding a new dimension to the decades-old tussle between Singapore and Hong Kong for the position as Asia’s premier financial centre.

Singapore and hong kong rivalry
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Hong Kong-Singapore rivalry hurting Asia’s fintech competitiveness | Insurance Business